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HIPPA privacy gone too far

HIPPA privacy gone too far

Postby raycyrx » Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:35 pm

I once had a doctor explain to me that, technically speaking, the new privacy laws make it illegal to have a waiting room. This is because one patient waiting could recognize another one and would therefore know that said other person is getting treatment. Violation. Such silliness also gives us sports broadcasts where coaches can't say, "he hurt his knee," so we have all kinds of dodge answers to questions asked by reporters.

Now we have confirmed cases of whooping cough at our school. I understand and fully agree that names cannot be given out. However, it's against the law to release what class said student is in. Therefore we have letters going out to all parents of the entire student body. Yeah...proces of elimination could reveal who the kid is, but in a small school it wouldn't be to difficult to guess anyway. So we have an entire student body and relations on high alert instead of just the high risk kids who have actually been exposed.

It's beyond silly.
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