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Chicks on the Right (Love them and love their rants!)

Chicks on the Right (Love them and love their rants!)

Postby Happy Mom » Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:46 pm

Post-Father's Day Gay Rant (With A Bonus Single Mom Jab)
Written by Daisy

As you know, today is Father's Day. And I've done a couple of shout-outs on our page today to say saaaaaaaaaalute to all the menfolk out there who are Dads or Dad-figures. And of course, most of our clever and competent readers have responded with their usual awesomeness, including tidbits of what they're doing today, shout-outs to their own Dads, etc.

But then there are the whiners. Because there are ALWAYS the whiners.

I had one who complained that I didn't give a shout out to the single mothers today. Because of COURSE I'm going to give a shout-out to single mothers on FATHER'S Day, when in fact, I just did that back in May on MOTHER'S Day. Alrighty then. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Here's my response to that request:

And I feel your pain if you're a single Mom today, because today is no different than EVERY day that I feel your pain. I really do. Because if some dude left you to raise a kid all on your own? Then that guy is a complete doucheyacht. I married a man who was raised without a father, and his mother is one of my heroes simply because of how she managed to raise the man I love with absolutely no financial help from her doucheyacht, from a government, or anyone else giving her a handout of any kind whatsoever. She basically worked her assular area off to raise a good boy, who would eventually become a good man, who would eventually become my husband, who would eventually become an amazing father - in SPITE of the doucheyacht who donated his sperm once upon a time.

God's pretty cool about that whole what-comes-around-goes-around stuff, IMHO.

And you know what? My mother-in-law would never - in a million years - begrudge someone a Happy Father's Day. Because that's just petty. And crappy. And mean.

And it smells all sorts of liberal and whiney and wussy, frankly.

In fact - you know what it reminds me of?

The yahoos in Canada who have started to do away with Mother's Day and Father's Day, and instead they're having "Family Day," because they don't want to OFFEND anyone who may either be a lesbian, a gay man, or a single mother or single father whose baby mama or baby daddy isn't around anymore.

No. I kid you not. This is happening. Why is this happening? Because PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED by not being something that, well, they're NOT.

And this IRKS me.

I like gay people. I happen to love a lot of gay people in my life, actually. But I apparently love the ones with Actual Brains in their heads, because the really freaking stupid ones? They're the ones who use their gayness to get all offended and RUIN CRAP FOR THE REST OF US. The smart ones, however, live their lives and don't use their gayness as a crutch for every single facet of their existence. In fact, all of my gay friends happen to be conservatives (THE HORROR). Go figure. And they are PEOPLE FIRST. Not GAY PEOPLE first.

I mean, what IS it about a lesbian chick that she feels as though she has to RUIN FATHER'S DAY for a dude, simply because, well, she's NOT A DUDE and therefore can never biologicaly BE a father to anyone? And at the very same time, what it is about a single mother that possesses her to take away the joy of a father on Father's Day, simply because she doesn't have a father in her household?

Not. Cool.

This squelching of yet ANOTHER holiday is quite possibly one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, next to sheeple in this world actually BUYING this load of PC-liberal-garbage and doing away with holidays that we've celebrated for eons. Lemmings just nod their heads and BUY this nonsense. All in the name of political correctness. This does nothing but make gay people look like complete jackwagons. And the "conservative" single moms who are whining because they want to be appreciated on Father's Day? Well, your day was in May, chicks. And every other day when your kid looks at you, hugs you, and calls you Mom. Just FYI.

Here's a tip to everyone who is not a Dad who is complaining today. Quit whining. Or go call the offended Canadian lesbian chick who's mad that she's not a dude and therefore, not a father. Maybe she'll give you some sympathy and pat you on the back for a while.

Let the Dads have their day today. Then let the Moms have their day next May.

And let's all try to take a deep breath, just think for a moment about where a slippery slope of being perpetually OFFENDED can take us, and try not to become complete PC-wussies like the folks in Canada, shall we? ... m-irritant
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