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Hanoi Jane

Hanoi Jane

Postby Happy Mom » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:39 pm

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Jane Fonda Dons Hanoi Jane Shirt to Promote Her Turn as Nancy Reagan

UGH! She will ALWAYS be Hanoi Jane to me! ~cj
Short article and link below:

Jane Fonda Dons Hanoi Jane Shirt to Promote Her Turn as Nancy Reagan

Jane Fonda, in full promotion mode, insists people shouldn't judge the fact that she's playing Nancy Reagan in a new film Lee Daniels' The Butler. :roll: :liar: :naughty: :hand:

Yes, Fonda is an unabashed liberal playing the wife of a conservative icon, but can't we all just get along, she asks? It's a potentially sound point, a call for civility between the ideological sides.

In a video promoting the film, Fonda says, "As an actor I approach her as a human being and I happen to know that she's not unhappy that I'm playing her."

So why is she wearing a shirt with an image of her "Hanoi Jane" phase straight out of the divisive 1960s? Is that the best way to put partisan feelings aside and promote the movie?

Lee Daniels' The Butler follows the life of a black servant who worked in the White House over several administrations, including that of President Ronald Reagan. ... -promotion ... -promotion
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