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Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Postby Happy Mom » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:17 am

Ann Coulter Causes Mass Hysteria on 'The View,' Whoopi Bleeped...

"The View" co-hosts get into heated discussion with Coulter, the author of "Mugged."

The conservative commentator makes the case in her new book, "Mugged" that liberals use race mongering for political advantage.

Host Whoopi Goldberg confronted the author over the topic of race, cursing her out and accusing her of not knowing what she was talking about.

Coulter voraciously defended her book, claiming its more about white liberals, than African Americans.


JOY BEHAR: With 40 days until the election, Ms. Ann Coulter is back with a new book, "Mugged", where she claims that President Obama has abandoned black Americans and that the OJ Simpson verdict was a great thing for America. Please welcome back the very controversial Ann Coulter!

Ann, I need you to tell me, what you are trying to say in this book. Because we don't know what you are trying to say.

ANN COULTER: What I am trying to say is race mongering has been very bad for America, liberals use it to promote causes that nothing to do with blacks and in fact harm blacks. And that excellent lead in you just gave, with OJ, I think that was the movement, having lived near New York City in the 70's and 80's, which was the golden era, it was Trayvon Martin and Duke Lacrosse case everyday.

With the OJ verdict, white America said that’s it, the white guilt bank is shutdown. And that ended up being the best thing that ever happened to black Americans.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: What are you talking about?

COULTER: I meant that no longer...

BARBARA WALTERS: He being aquited was good for whom?

COULTER: Millions of white people watching with the equivalent of in New York, we use the Brooklyn juries who simply would not convict, even guilty black criminals.

GOLDBERG: You know what, hold up Ms. Coulter. Please stop, please stop! If you're going to talk about race, at least, know what you're talking about. At least know what you're talking about.

Tell me how much you know about being black?

COULTER: Well, this isn't about being black.

GOLDBERG: But you just said that this is, you just made all these statements about how black people feel, tell me how you know it?

COULTER: This is not a book about black people, this is a book about white liberals. And I do know and this is a fact, once for years, Republican policies on crime and welfare for example were called racist.

When they finally got implemented after the OJ verdict, implemented by Giuliani in New York, Reagan and Bush judges overall, tens of thousands of black lives were saved. That's a fact.

GOLDBERG: Your facts a just a little shaky. You're saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now because, what? I don't get it, I don't understand. :roll:

COULTER: I don't think that liberals ever cared about black people. 5 minutes after the civil rights act of '64, they start calling everything that doesn't have to do with black people a "civil rights issue"

Abortion on demand, homeless rights...

SHERRI SHEPARD: You're saying liberals don't care about black people, then are you saying that Republicans embrace us in a warm fuzzy.

COULTER: I do, we are not embraced back. We try to...

BEHAR: So, the white southern strategy wasn't a republican thing, it was a Republican thing? And also Newt Gingrich calls President Obama a food stamp president, that's not racist?

HASSELBECK: Do you think its racist for Newt to say that the President is a food stamp President?

COULTER: I'm not a big fan of Newt, so we can just skip that for a second and get to the Southern Strategy because I've specifically disproved it. It's absolutely a liberal folk-lore, Republicans were winning the South since 1920, it was the outer states of the South, it was Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia.

GOLDBERG: What are you talking about, we weren't allow to vote?

COULTER: Who was trying to get them to vote, Republicans were! And the first black congressmen were all Republicans and the first black Governor was a Republican.

GOLDBERG: Wait a minute, you are talking about way back after...

SHEPARD: Everyone understands Republicans are way different than the way they are now and...

COULTER: And that's what we are told and The Democratic segregationist were all Democrats, it's a lie that they were Conservative democrats

GOLDBERG: Everyone was a segregationist darling , everybody was! White people were, they didn't matter whether they were Republican or not.

COULTER: Republicans were not...

GOLDBERG: barnyard gold! barnyard gold, I'm sorry! That's bull, that's bull(She is so classless.....)

COULTER: No, no that is not... ok just read chapter 14 in the book, the first Republicans to be elected in the south

GOLDBERG: I listen to my grandmother, who was there! Who remembers what happened. :roll: :liar:

COULTER: Howard Baker, an aggressive integrationist, first Republican elected in Tennessee to the Senate, Winthrop Rockefeller, first republican governor in Arkansas, an integrationist.

The Southern Strategy is a lie.

BEHAR: It seems to me that voter suppression is happening in areas where black people and hispanics are and it is really being promoted by the Republicans, not the Democrats.

So, my view and I have a different one from you, it looks as though the Republicans are really going against blacks, not the Liberals. What do you say to that?

COULTER: It's a perfect example, no i'll explain why, of liberals using the label of civil rights to promote a liberal cause they support, ie voter fraud, in fact one of the first states in the union to pass voter ID bill was Rhode Island, 85 percent democrat legislature. And who pushed it? A black Democrat in the house, a black Democrat in the senate. That's a fact!

BEHAR: You may pick out Rhode Island, but there are other states where it's completely Republican driven

COULTER: Why would Black Democrats be pushing this? Because they've seen voter fraud!

BEHAR: Because they want the hispanic vote to go to Romney!

BARBARA WALTERS: Can I ask a general question, everybook that you write is very controversial and shocking and usually an opinion thats desperate with everyone else.

Do you just write these books and try to find whatever it is that's going to make everybody say, "Ah!"

BEHAR: You don't believe this crap?

COULTER: The reason, it's an excellent question. The reason I write these books is because I try to correct things that people believe that are just false.

SHEPARD: Here's a question, because I was reading the book..

WALTERS: And you may be the only one that says it.

COULTER: There are a few things, discovering that we never won the Goldwater states and Republicans didn't win the Dixiecrat states until the Dixiecrats died out

SHEPARD: You keep standing back in the past, you got to come back to the present. But this what I wanted to say.

COULTER: That's new to me, the rest of it other people know.

SHEPARD: You keep saying if you read chapter 14, you make such divisive comments and incendiary comments, and hateful comments at times, it makes people not want to pick up your book and read it!

COULTER: No, I don't think so. What's a hateful comment in here?

SHEPARD: When you talk about, you stay in the past,

COULTER: Well, that’s because that was brought up. It’s just a fact.

SHEPARD: When you talk about voter suppression, which is obviously trying to keep black and Latino.

COULTER: Republicans have never done that, that was a Democrat thing...

SHEPARD: Ann, there are states where they don't even have...

WALTERS: Stop it, can I just say one thing to Ann? No matter what, you sit down here and you got 5 women going bah badda badda, whatever it is, thank you for coming on!
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Re: Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Postby bdcbbq » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:14 am

Ann, I need you to tell me, what you are trying to say in this book. Because we don't know what you are trying to say.

If they could only read they might learn something.

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Re: Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Postby Betsy Wallace » Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:26 am

She is amazing!!! I would not have been able to contain myself from following Whoopi into the gutter.
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Re: Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Postby Kingsman » Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:09 am

Coulter handled herself well in that "View" appearance. She was very calm and reasoned, especially going up against those harpies. Too bad that Whoopi has zero self-awareness. So bad!
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Re: Ann Coulter's "Mugged" Racism in America

Postby Ideal Baloney » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:22 pm

I still can't believe that TED DANSON actually FORNICATED with CARYN ELAINE JOHNSON (aka Whoopie Goldberg). What the HELL was he thinking?!?

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