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New Restaurant Downtown Needs Name.

New Restaurant Downtown Needs Name.

Postby Happy Mom » Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:30 pm


Kurt Janowsky doesn’t have one possible name for the new downtown South Bend restaurant he is planning to open next spring. He has 100 names, and every day a different one sounds good.

So he needs your help.

As you read more about his plans, think what you would name the restaurant, because Janowsky is offering you the unique opportunity to do just that. Read on for more details.

Janowsky recently agreed to lease and operate a restaurant at American Trust Place, which is located on the corner of Michigan and Washington streets in downtown South Bend.

Since the long-time chef and veteran restaurateur first set foot in the former bank building a few months ago, Janowsky has been able to easily envision a restaurant consuming the entire first floor with its vast, 24-foot ceilings and ornate architecture.

"If you want to have respect for architecture, you need to put something in there where the space can be the space. That's what I plan to do," he says. "I believe in the downtown market." :shock: :o :hand:

Janowsky, who currently co-owns the Matterhorn Conference Center in Elkhart, considers this venture his return to South Bend. He served as a business partner in the mid-1980s in another downtown South Bend restaurant called The Loft. He left to work at The Icehouse in Mishawaka and later purchased The Matterhorn Restaurant. The Matterhorn dining room closed in 2006 when the economy prompted Janowsky to focus on banquets and catering.

"We saw the writing on the wall for white tablecloth restaurants in Elkhart. Unemployment had already been going up and it was becoming harder and harder for people to spend disposable income. Sports bars were taking over the restaurant landscape," so Janowsky leased the restaurant to Between the Buns. "But now, we're strong and the timing for this project is right." :? :shock:

Just last year, Michigan Street LLC completed a $7 million renovation of American Trust Place.

The company’s managing member, Brad Toothaker, has always envisioned a restaurant on themain floor, with offices and condos on the upper levels. CBRE South Bend offices are located in the building.

"A greater variety of dining options will help create a real synergy and draw for the area, especially with the concentration of offerings in the couple of blocks to the south and adjacent to the Morris Performing Arts Center," Toothaker says. "A restaurant of this nature and location adds a broader 'life' to downtown than a typical 8 to 5 business."

So what type of restaurant will this be?

"A warm, inviting, comfortable restaurant that uses the best ingredients to create memorable, outstanding food,” Janowsky describes, and the food preparation style will favor French, Italian and Spanish. "Emphasis will be placed on fresh seafood, foods produced locally and free range meats. We wish for those that like our food to become regular guests … but it's hard to be a regular at an expensive restaurant, therefore we must maintain moderate prices."

Entree prices at lunch will run $7 to $10, while dinner entrees will cost between $15 and $22.

He's still working on the menu, which will not be expensive or run-of-the-mill. He envisions entrees such as braised red snapper with a roasted tomato and garlic broth, as well as osso bucco, which is stewed braised veal shanks that take four hours to prepare.

"I'm not a big fan of big menus. I get scared when I walk into that kind of place. We might have six to eight small plates or appetizers and 10 to 12 entrees that change regularly. As long as everything is great, there's nothing wrong with a small menu."

When Janowsky starts talking to restaurant designers in January, he will explain his vision to create a place diners feel comfortable in a suit and tie at lunchtime or jeans and a sweater on the weekend. A contemporary restaurant that seats around 120, is open seven days a week, and doesn't look or feel like a chain.

The restaurant is expected to open in April. Now, all he needs is a name. This is where you come in.

We're asking readers to submit ideas for the restaurant name.
The deadline for entrees is Jan. 16. If yours is selected, not only will Janowsky use your name, but he will give you $500 in dining certificates to be used there. Entries must be e-mailed to or mailed to Heidi Prescott, South Bend Tribune, 225 W. Colfax Ave., South Bend, Ind. 46530.

Janowsky hopes to select the winner — and the name — by the end of January. We will announce the winner in the column.
Good luck!

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Dr_Taylor at 5:09 PM December 26, 2010

Downtown South Bend you say? How about "1 Year & Done"?
lateda at 11:37 AM December 26, 2010

How about: IF you got the money honey, we got the THYME? Emphasis on the IF part! :)

Ens. Ritchie at 8:10 AM December 26, 2010

How about "Broke in the Bend"? If it can last longer than the hall o' fame, then it'll be a hit.

Expect to see it in the news later.....after domer football starts again.....with another story of "eateries bust or boom because of fans-economy", during the season.

Yes. Not very merry. But look around you & at reality.

I pray that 2011 picks up! ... 7373.story
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