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Eat drink South Bend

Re: Eat drink South Bend

Postby South Bender » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:32 am

There were at one time, very recognizable faces floating around DTSB, and people even had nicknames for them because they were so common place. We dont' have that downtown anymore. Anyone panhandling isn't doing it on a consistent basis as was once the case downtown. And yes, I do agree large males, like myself, probably don't get asked for money as often as females do. But sorry, I do have to disagree that panhandling has indeed gone down overall in the past 2-3 years especially, per MY personal observations, not by any actual statistics of course. I work with several women also, and they do not get asked for money much anymore either.
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Re: Eat drink South Bend

Postby South Bender » Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:45 am

In fact panhandling has increased everywhere in this county except for downtown South Bend. There are no people standing with signs anywhere downtown, and if there were any to be discovered, they are quickly taken care of. Hell, even Granger has panhandlers standing on street corners.

That's as far as I can carry my argument, so if you wish to continue debating the subject, I'll sit back and hear you out. I've hijacked this thread as far as I'm gonna take it.
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Re: Eat drink South Bend

Postby backstagedee » Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:27 pm

We see very few panhandlers during the daytime hours anymore. We do have to run them off at night though. The ones we get in the evening seem to be "organized" in some fashion. It's almost like a girl scout troop on a cookie selling binge for a night or two then they move on to another area. Several of us downtown have participated in a small survey of potential customers and found that "safety" (crime), parking and panhandlers are the top 3 reasons folks feel apprehensive about venturing downtown. I will not argue that those fears are at all justified, Bender, but I do know that they are a very real concern in the minds of local people. The big question we are trying to answer is "how do we change the perception?" Beat cops, ground pounders and bike cops help, but it isn't realistic to think that they can do much other than provide a visual to citizens and send panhandlers off into the shadows for a few minutes until they pass. Fixing the problem is a tough riddle. A few cities have been successful at it. We (business owners and city PR entities like DTSB) need to figure out the PR end and address every occurrence we can as it happens.
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Re: Eat drink South Bend

Postby bdcbbq » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:13 pm

In fact panhandling has increased everywhere in this county except for downtown South Bend.

That's because there isn't any revenue downtown for them (no people).

In the meantime Happy Mom you may want to stop at Midwest Guns and buy yourself a squirt can of bear pepper spray.

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Re: Eat drink South Bend

Postby johndobee » Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:46 pm

Good point! If the people aren't there, they have to go where they are. Just like any other business when you think about it. That Probably explains the guy at logan and Lincolnway with the sign, and the guy on Ironwood by the overpass, and the gal at Grape and Edison, etc, etc, etc.
But, the reality is that the panhandlers have had a heavy hand in running people out of downtown S. Bend. Whether they are still there or not is irrelevant now because they've chased off the people who bring money into the area. As far as those people are concerned, the problem is still there.
Now, if this is all true, how do you bring people back, and keep them back? To do that you'd better address the panhandler problem definitively. If you don't, the panhandlers will stay put at their centers during the day instead of fanning out across the area. They won't have to go far to seek their couple bucks because the people are coming back to the downtown area. Now what do you do? That couple coming in for a show after hearing the bums are gone will NOT come back again if they encounter a problem on their first excursion back to S. Bend. So, the problem has to be addressed because if the whales come back to the downtown, the Lampreys won't be far behind them.
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