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Squatters Who Took Over Soldiers Home Sent Running

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Squatters Who Took Over Soldiers Home Sent Running

Postby Happy Mom » Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:17 pm

Squatters Who Took Over Soldiers Home Sent Running for the Hills
by Steven Ahle on April 24, 2014 in BuzzPo


Two squatters, who took over a soldiers home in Florida are running scared tonight after refusing to leave for police and other authorities. The two, both convicts, moved in and changed the locks. This was four months ago and neighbors say that cars are coming and going all the time , dogs are running around unleashed and strange characters lurking around at all hours.

Army Spc. Michael Sharkey, who owns the house with his wife are currently living in Hawaii, where he is stationed. They haven’t lived in the home for the past two years and when he contacted the police, they were told it was a civil matter and the police could not get involved.

The two squatters, Julio Ortiz and his girlfriend, Fatima Cardoso, told police that they had a deal with the person Sharkey left in charge of the house, that would allow them to live in the house in exchange for improvements and maintenance work on the property. Lisa Pettus, Sharkey’s friend denied that any such deal was ever struck.

Ortiz spent 12 years in a New Jersey prison for robbery, car jacking and selling drugs on school property. He was busted three times last year in Pasco County for minor charges. Cardoso served more than two years on drug charges. She has been arrested 7 times since 2011 on drug charges.

Lauren Price of Veteran Warriors said that Ortiz picked the wrong house. She said that veterans all around the world want to help and that a lawyer has been secured, who will handle the eviction process pro bono. Volunteers came forward and offered to keep an eye on the place to make sure no vandalism would occur.

Then two motorcycle gangs, made up mostly of veterans, told the local TV station that they were riding to the Sharkey house to peacefully make Ortiz uncomfortable. Once Ortiz heard that, he packed up and hightailed it out of there as fast as his legs could carry him. Neighbors say the house appears to be empty again.

Veteran Warriors are organizing a clean up day for the house. ... 00x169.jpg
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