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Dead Education in South Bend

Dead Education in South Bend

Postby OldFud » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:47 am

In the South Bend Community School Corp., 22 of the district's 33 schools received a D or F this year. Three earned an A or B, compared with four last year. Clay High School was not graded because of a pending appeal with the state Department of Education, according to the new data.

Source: ... 72af2.html

Here is the State of Indiana Department of Education's "report card" for school systems:

A - Exemplary
B - Commendable
C - Academic Progress
D - Watch
F - Probation

Regarding Clay, Adams, Riley, and Washington high schools:

In 2005, all 4 schools received an F rating
In 2006, all 4 schools received an F rating
In 2007, all 4 schools received an F rating
In 2008, Clay received a D rating; all 3 remaining schools received an F rating

In 2010, Riley was honored with F rating for 5th consecutive year; remaining 3 schools received an F rating.

Public education is not dying in South Bend, but rather it has been dead for years !
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Re: Dead Education in South Bend

Postby Happy Mom » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:18 pm

I totally agree. I am in the SBCSC and they died a long time ago. The parents of disruptive students are disruptive themselves and blame everyone except themselves. It is a horror show in the classroom. The teachers have no support from the Administration and are walking on egg shells around both students and parents. In order to keep "the money" they transfer disruptive kids from school to school without ever dealing with the problem. We have School BOard Members threatening teacher and coaches to play certain kids, it is a nightmare. No one takes personal responsibility.
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Re: Dead Education in South Bend

Postby OldFud » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:14 pm

High School Accountability Grades ( see earlier posting for explanation ) for South Bend continues to lag grades for the "outer county".

While Adams-Clay-Riley-Washington have risen to the B-to-D range, Penn, Mishawaka, John Glen, and New Prairie high schools generally report "A" accountability grades.
If my memory is good, 51% -- over half ! -- of Indiana's state budget is spent on education according to Representative Joe Zackas mailing. The only reasonable excuse for giving students trapped in the South Bend School Corporation a sub-standard education is shoddy city government.

The South Bend Tribune has published Annual Performance Reports covering all St. Joseph County schools on or about March 31 . . . stay tuned
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