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Stephen's ( Martin's ) Auto Clinic

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Stephen's ( Martin's ) Auto Clinic

Postby johndobee » Tue May 01, 2012 9:25 pm

Technically it's now called Martin's Auto Clinic.
I thought I'd done a review on this shop before, but that might have been several years ago on the old forum as I can't find it now.
Well, once again I'm so incredibly pleased with this shop.
Some backhistory: I started going there when it was Stephen's in the mid 1980's. Stephen was a guy who fixed things for free occasionally. I learned to trust his shop when I learned enough about cars to have a good idea what the problem was before I took it in. I was never once told an issue was more than I thought it was. I never once found out that I was overcharged, and again, on several occasions little things were taken care of "gratis".
So a few years ago I had an issue and called Stephens. I learned it had a new owner named Martin. I tweaked a little. I don't like change! LOL!
But I also knew I didn't want to search for a mechanic I could trust.
It didn't take me long to learn that Martin's learned a great deal from Stephen's. He's following a great business model and has the personality to really take this place as far as he wants to take it.
Let me tell you my most recent example of trust and how it was repaid.
My son's car was making a horrible noise. It sounded like a flat, but wasn't a flat! I'd just had the car in to Martin to change out the tie rod ends and some brake work, so this was troubling as I thought one of the new parts had failed since the sound was all up front.
I'm busy as hell lately, and didn't have much time to mess around with this so I took it over to Martin and dropped it off. I called his voicemail since it was after hours and expressed my concerns. I thought sure I was looking at a nice fat bill.
Now, ordinarly I would worry. It was a noise I hadn't pinned down, and I knew that many mechanics could make that "noise" turn into a 500.00 payday!
Martin called today.
A piece of plastic had slid down from the engine compartment and was rubbing against the axle making the horrible racket. BTW, a couple pinholes in the CV axle boot explained all the grease in the wheel well. Didn't replace the boot, but patched it as he knows I don't want to sink a buttload of money into a car that will sit after this summer. Remounted the engine house plasitic guards.
Total bill: 42.00
And THAT is why I'll gladly pay him for the big jobs. Because I know he's fair with the small ones.
Can't say enough about this place. I really can't.
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