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Parisi's - Good Meal, Good Deal, Good Service

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Parisi's - Good Meal, Good Deal, Good Service

Postby bob_rx2000 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:26 pm

Well, it has been some time (teenagers get expensive, who knew?) but Mrs.-Bob_Rx and I are starting to have time, energy and even a bit of spare income again, so we’re going out for dinner and concerts occasionally. This past Saturday evening saw us attending the Anonymous 4 concert at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center with dinner before the concert at Parisi’s on South Bend Avenue. One of the challenges with a 7:30pm concert is that you need to find a spot for dinner that can take your reservations at around 6:00pm, serve a nice dinner and enable you to arrive for the show with a few minutes to spare. That isn’t as easy as it sounds with several places in South Bend, and is one of the reasons both Mrs.-Bob_Rx and I like Parisi’s.

We had no difficulty getting 6:00pm reservations (granted, for two) on Saturday afternoon, and while the place was crowded, we were seated upon arrival with no “wait at the bar” games played. Our server was friendly and over to greet us promptly, and we had water and bread immediately. Somewhere along the line I’ve been cutting back on cocktails (things like weight, blood pressure, etc. coming into play) and our softdrinks were delivered immediately. Our appetizer and entrée orders were taken and all of this was being done by one server who was handling four other tables. She is good, make no mistake!

Parisi’s atmosphere can be a bit noisy. The facility itself is very nice, but the dining areas are hard-surface walls that reflect sound, and it is a busy place. Now, mind you, we had no difficulty in conversing at our table, but it was noisy enough that we couldn’t really hear the background music. The crowd was a mixed group with the other tables ranging from kids on dates to a family having a birthday dinner, and one side of the front dining room filling up with a tour bus not long after we were seated. The turnover of diners was steady the entire time we were there.

Our appetizer was Mista di Mare, which is fresh calamari, scallops and shrimp done in a tomato, garlic and olive oil reduction. With the fresh bread (Breadsmith bread, I might add) they serve, it was glorious, with a light garlic taste and hint of basil. I could have made an entire meal of this, but the entrée I had ordered was Pesce di Parisi, a dish of lightly sautéed tilapia, shrimp and scallops in a caper sauce, with pasta on the side. It was almost too much, but by heroic efforts, I did manage to finish it. The tilapia surprised me both with the size of the filet and that it was very lightly fried before the final sautee and had a marvelously crisp texture. Mrs-Bob_Rx had the Spaghetti di Estate, and while normally I will get the leftovers for lunch, I was informed that if I touched what she brought home, I would lose fingers. One point I think helps Parisi’s stand out is that they are not afraid to season their food, which I find many Italian places are a bit leery of doing, and they do it well.

So, what is the bottom line? With an appetizer, and two entrees, and no alcohol, the total tab was right at $60 before taxes and tip. Our server was very good, did I mention that? We tipped her appropriately for the service, and it was still a bargain for a very good meal, served correctly, and promptly. We had no difficulty finishing up, not feeling at all rushed and still arriving with time to spare for the concert. Keep in mind that they produced this meal while being very busy and having few open tables. This is a very good, mid-priced restaurant and I have to remember to keep it on the list for other occasions.
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Re: Parisi's - Good Meal, Good Deal, Good Service

Postby Happy Mom » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:36 pm

I am so glad you are going out again Bob!! :clap: :dance: I just realized Dr. Happy and I have never been to Parisi's Restaurant and as soon as I get back from my current adventure, we will need to go... Thanks Bob!! :D
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