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Parisi's - South Bend

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Parisi's - South Bend

Postby bob_rx2000 » Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:58 am

The Mrs-and-Bob_Rx, the kids and two of our friends dined last evening at Parisi’s Italian restaurant. Parisi’s is located on South Bend Avenue near Notre Dame and by the Boy Scout council building. They have more than adequate parking and reservations are recommended. This being January, I want to point out that they have the parking lot well-plowed and clear of built-up ice, snow and slush. I also want to observe that South Bend Avenue has been heavily patched and that the patch material is coming loose, so be very careful driving there.

With two minors accompanying us, the adults couldn’t visit the bar, but we did have a cocktail at the table. I was somewhat disappointed in that the bar didn’t have any truly top-shelf single malt scotch (Also, our waitress didn’t know the difference between a blend and single malt scotch, or the difference between scotch and bourbon…) The wines we had with dinner were quite good, however, and the house Cabernet Sauvignon was very good. Parisi’s has a wide and varied Italian menu running from basic “kitchen Italian” to complex dishes. They have excellent choices in all categories (seafood, chicken, veal, pork) as well as a nice selection of appetizers. We started with simple garlic bread and antipasto with our drinks. Both the appetizers and drinks were delivered quickly and our server was pleasant and knew the menu selections very well.

Dinner entrees were pretty varied from Chicken Parmigiana to Ossobuco Milanese with salmon and seafood in between. Never being one to allow concerns of calories or cholesterol to get between me and a good meal, I have to say that the Ossobuco was incredible. The veal slid off the shank bone and the risotto was perfect. All entrees have salad with the terrific house dressing and fresh bread. Everyone was pleased with their choice of entrée, including our somewhat unadventurous youngest diner, who thought the Chicken Parmigiana was wonderful. Next time I go there I simply have to try the salmon in lemon sauce, which looked and smelled outstanding. The sensible one in the group had expresso for dessert while the rest of us indulged in the (always good) Parisi’s desserts. I had cannoli while the others had a chocolate pastry dish with what looked to be about a half-cow’s worth of cream filling per serving.

Truthfully, this was a good dinner but there were small service items that kept it from being a great dinner. Our server never refilled our water glasses even after having been asked twice to do so. She also failed to bring coffee at dessert for a couple of us who ordered it. Getting her attention proved difficult, and the place wasn't particularly busy. It was as if serving our table was an afterthought for her during the evening. After a discussion, the two of us footing the bill decided that the tip should be appropriately reduced for this (lack of) service. With six people eating the total tab was well over $250 and the tip was 10% and left deliberately at that level.

I won’t permit one evening of lower quality service to prevent me from visiting Parisi’s again, although it will be some time before I return. The food is very good indeed, and it is a worthwhile place to dine when you’re faced with needing good food for a wide variety of tastes.
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Re: Parisi's - South Bend

Postby Happy Mom » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:14 am

Thank you Bob!!! Fabulous review as usual. In twenty plus years, I have never been to Parisi"s.
I want to try it now...
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Re: Parisi's - South Bend

Postby Big Kahuna » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:18 am

Good job. I'll say one thing to agree with Bob. Nothing irks me more than a waitperson who goes into hiding the moment the meal is delivered. I know they have others besides us to take care of. But I expect them to stop back within a minute or two to confirm everything is as ordered...keep an eye on our glasses and never let them go empty...and check to see if we need anything throughout our visit. If I've got to hunt you down to request something or get another employee to get us refills when we've clearly placed them on the edge of the table to get your won't be seeing any tip from me. Provide good service...and be friendly...and the tip could be 50%.
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Re: Parisi's - South Bend

Postby bdcbbq » Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:38 pm

Happy Mom wrote:Thank you Bob!!! Fabulous review as usual. In twenty plus years, I have never been to Parisi"s.
I want to try it now...

I consider Parisi's one of the best places around. I have enjoyed several meals there over the years. There are a couple of times to avoid the place though. Notre Dame home football game weekends come to mind.

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