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Five Guys - Burgers and (lots of) Fries...

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Five Guys - Burgers and (lots of) Fries...

Postby bob_rx2000 » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:08 am

On Friday the Sock Theorist was feeling a bit down, so another buddy and I attempted to cheer him up by having lunch. The truth is that Sock was just a bit under the weather and didn’t need cheering, but hey, it was a good excuse to get out for a bite to eat. After much debate we ended up selecting the Five Guys hamburger joint. We went to the one located in the Eddy Street Commons area, but there is another in the U.P. mall. Geographically, the Eddy Street Five Guys is located in the middle of the new Eddy Street Commons shopping area. Parking is at a premium, unless you want to pay to use the parking garage, so plan accordingly. The local Electrical Workers are also protesting the developer of a couple of the Eddy Street locations (not Five Guys), and have placed signs and barricades up on the sidewalk, so foot traffic can be a little crowded at those places. (Note – the picketers are not harassing anyone, they just restrict the foot traffic some…)

Five Guys specializes in burgers and huge orders of fries, although you can get a hot dog. Everything is ala carte and you order all the fixings for the burgers as you place the order. The burgers themselves are made from fresh beef and to order. The regular burger is a single patty while the large is two patties. These are big burgers, people. There is an extensive menu of the standard fixings, but some special ones as well, including fresh jalapeño peppers. You can get either a regular or large order of fries, which are fresh-cut on site and fried in peanut oil. The regular order will easily feed two people and I suspect the large order might handle six.

I ended up having a cheeseburger with tomato, onion, mustard and jalapeño peppers, a regular order of fries and a soda. While you wait for the order to be prepared the Five Guys have peanuts for snacking, although this isn’t a pseudo-Texas steakhouse where you throw the shells on the floor… It took about 10 minutes for the order to be prepped. The Five Guys put your burger in a bag, and then the fries are placed beside, above, below and around the burger. You get a lot of fries…

It is a good burger too, and did I mention, a big one. The jalapeño peppers were the right call, as they added the snap to the burger it needed. The cheese was melted over the patties and the bun was solid enough to hold up to the burger grease. It was my mistake for not getting one, but this burger needed a dill pickle. I have to tell you however, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the fries, other than with the sheer quantity of them in the order. You could smell the peanut oil on them, and see that they were fresh-cut, and I was expecting a crisp, tasty treat based on this, but instead found them soggy and somewhat grease-laden right from the start. I’m not sure if the Five Guys had fried up a large batch and I just happened to be the person who got the tail-end of that batch, or if the oil was too cool for good frying, or if this is the standard fare, but honestly, I’ll skip the fries next time.

The bottom line – burger, fries and soda, was about $8.50. The burger was good, the fries a disappointment and the soda was, well, a soda. Given the location, parking situation and the overall experience, I’ll probably try Five Guys again, but not for a while.
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Re: Five Guys - Burgers and (lots of) Fries...

Postby Happy Mom » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:30 am

Great review Bob! Happy son and I went to lunch at Five Guys yesterday at the Mall location. I agree with you on the fries but those are the kind I like with the malt vinegar sprinkled on them.. Unfortunately yesterday the fries were the texture you wanted. They were crisp and very tasty but it took a while to soak them in vinegar to get them the way I like them. LOL I always get the small cheeseburger with mayo and mushrooms.... the bomb! I'll need to go to Eddy Street to get my french fries! Thanks Bob. :D
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Re: Five Guys - Burgers and (lots of) Fries...

Postby JC2 » Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:39 pm

Went there today with a long time friend, great burgers, and the fries were cooked to perfection. Another plus, they have coke zero at the fountain.
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