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All Blow, and No Show

All Blow, and No Show

Postby OldFud » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:22 pm

I would venture to say I don’t think it is a coincidence that both our cities are now led by dynamic, young Democratic mayors. Mayor Bill Peduto, of Pittsburgh, and South Bend’s Pete Buttigieg are just the kind of forward-thinking leaders I’ll like to see on the national stage.

Robert Steffes
Aliquippa, PA

As a Fabian Socialist, Mayor Buttigieg is highly skilled at spending other people's money. And in the process, Mayor Pete continued the tradition of destroying South Bend's Middle Class by driving living income manufacturing jobs out of the area. Under Buttigieg's leadership, inner-city poverty has increased to afflict about 1 out of every 4 city residents.
Robert, since you have such high admiration of Mayor Buttigieg, why don't you take him off of our hands ?
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