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Virgin Mary seen in Plymouth Ice Chunk

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Virgin Mary seen in Plymouth Ice Chunk

Postby southsider » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:09 pm

Quoting SB Trib:

'Miracle’ in ice? Virgin Mary seen in Plymouth ice formation
Tribune Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH — Lionel Gonzalez says he wasn’t the first to notice the ice shaped like the Virgin Mary outside his home. His friend, Jose Perez, did.

Perez stepped into his mobile home Wednesday afternoon and said, "Hey, you know you got the Virgin Mary out there!"

"Don’t be playin’ about that," Gonzalez responded. "You don’t play about that."

But Perez insisted. So outside they went and found Mary, in ice, at the base of the hitch on his home at Northgate Mobile Home Park, head tilted down, hands clasped in prayer at her chest.

See the statue
Lionel Gonzalez says people are welcome to view the statue. Northgate Mobile Home Park is at 1687 N. Michigan St. in Plymouth, across from Centennial Park.

Full story:
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Re: Virgin Mary seen in Plymouth Ice Chunk

Postby Big Kahuna » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:18 pm

That's about this....

Fossilized Feces of Jesus Wreaks Havoc

Holy See, August 29, 2020 -- The recent discovery of a fossilized lump of human feces believed to have once emerged from the body of Jesus Christ, Son of God, has swept a whirlpool of excitement and controversy throughout the altars of the religious world.

The sacred stool was unearthed last month by a construction worker during a hotel excavation project in the vicinity of Nahariya, northern Israel, and shortly thereafter flown to the Holy See where a multi-denominational consortium of primarily Christian religious leaders rapidly convened to examine it and verify its authenticity.

"When I first saw the Sacred Stool of Galilee, of course my immediate reaction was to shout 'Heavens to Betsy!'," a flushing Rowan Faulkner, Archbishop of Canterbury, said. "If it can be conclusively verified that the fossilized remains did in fact once belong to Christ, the Jesus Feces will become perhaps the most important sacred relic in the entire Christian world."

The fossilized remnants were found buried nearly 40 feet deep in a submerged cave in the rocky soil of Nahariya at the future site of the Park Plaza Hotel Nahariya. Religious historians believe Jesus may have used the cave as a private sanctuary to which He could periodically withdraw from the worshipful crowds to move His bowels undisturbed during His long sojourn in Galilee. Small ancient fragments of fossilized parchment found nearby on which are inscribed the words "Uncle Herod's Bathroom Reader", support this supposition.

full story cont'd....
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