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Michiana Monologues

Postby Happy Mom » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:10 pm

Out own Rhonda Redman was quoted in this story and did an outstanding job in getting the message out. Congratulations Rhonda and crew!

Michiana Monologues seeks to end violence against women
Posted: 12:28 AM Feb 15, 2009
Last Updated: 12:28 AM Feb 15, 2009
Reporter: Stephanie Stang
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Michiana Monologues seeks to end violence against women

For many of us, February 14th is simply known as Valentine's Day.

But it's also called V-Day -- a day to raise awareness and money to end violence against women.

Voices Against Violence at IUSB put together a program called Michiana Monologues, with the intention of raising money for four organizations in South Bend.

Thirty-two women took the stage to share anonymous stories submitted by other women in the Michiana area.

"I kind of sympathize with the person that submitted the story, and I wanted to do the story because I wanted her voice to be heard and let her know that she is not alone and it's nothing to be ashamed of," explained Tasha Beal, an IUSB sophomore.

In its second year, the Michiana Monologues is modeled after the Vagina Monologues, but told with stories close to home.

"Every now and then you do hear South Bend mentioned or you hear the East Race or the Marriott downtown, so it does make a more visual concept for some people," said Kris Robinson.

"I think it helps because these stories are all real, they are stories that might not otherwise be told. This way, women hear the stories, people hear the stories, and it empowers other people," explained Rhonda Redman.

Last year, the Michiana Monologues raised $10,000. This year, they hope to raise $15,000.

The event helps raise money for the YWCA, SOS, St. Margaret's House, and the Elkhart Women's Shelter.
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