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Grandparents Kicked Out of Mall For Taking Pictures

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Re: Grandparents Kicked Out of Mall For Taking Pictures

Postby Happy Mom » Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:00 am

stopie20 at 11:59 AM December 23, 2011

I think both the mall and the mall security have grossly over stepped the boundaries of their authority here. And of the several photos I have taken within the mall myself I have not been confronted even once by a fellow consumer or mall / retail agent.

I understand the purpose of the "no photos" rule, but I am not positive the mall employees or the management staff does. These rules are in place to give the mall and its security staff a tool in the prevention of voyeurism and to eradicate potential pedophiles from the mall environment and came about across the country as technology brought us the internet and tiny cameras to be misused to violate an individuals privacy.

The rules are not and never were intended to be enforced with blind disregard to the specific situation, but merely a way to justify the removal of suspicious individuals.

It seems as though the mall staff is not properly trained in the core purpose of their policies.

I guess I just would expect people to be more knowledgeable about their job. ... /10?page=2
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