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Township Govt Doing Business

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Township Govt Doing Business

Postby Dave Schmidt » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:42 pm

Here is what the folks on the Clay Township Advisory Board are doing regarding waterline insurance. Perhaps Penn TWP can follow a similar process to get public input on matters concerning the Penn Township Fire Department.

Clay Township residents consider water leak insurance
Clay Township, Ind.

Clay Township is considering asking state regulators to approve a $2 insurance fee to cover leaks from the main line up to a home's foundation.

"I don't think people realize how expensive it is to fix and we've heard that theirs may have been economical at 3500 dollars so I think when you start talking about that kind of expense it makes it a lot simpler to sell an insurance program," said Clay Township Board Member Mike Dobson.

On Tuesday, South Bend Water and township officials hosted a public meeting to discuss the proposal and determine if it had enough support.

Water officials said repairs to the line often cost a homeowner $3,500. At $2 a month, it would take nearly 150 years to pay more than the cost of a repair.

All residents in attendance said they supported the insurance addition. The township is asking residents to send a letter to them, similar to the one attached . . .
[], . . . indicating whether they support or oppose the insurance so they can ask state regulators to approve it.

"We need to get a good support from the residents and the business to support it so that we can provide that information to the South Bend Water Works, which in turn will provide that to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Obviously there could be someone that's opposed, but we feel that there are a majority that are in favor and if the IURC feels there is a majority then they'll allow South Bend Water Works then to put the insurance fee on our bills," said Dobson.

If the timing works out as planned, residents will begin paying the insurance later this year however under the current regulations they cannot file a claim until four months after they begin payments.
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