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Governor race 2016

Governor race 2016

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So, Gregg's opponent has changed, but he's still running on the position that the Pence administration has placed too much emphasis on social issues — such as last year's Religious Freedom Restoration Act — and pushed policies that have resulted in Indiana ranking 38th among states in per-capita income. He said Holcomb represents a continuation of those policies.


Gregg said he won't deny that the state has a low unemployment rate — it was 4.6 percent in July — but he added that household income in Indiana is $7,000 lower than the national average.

"Hoosiers are working harder and making less," he said. "My opponent can talk about how good the economy is, but Hoosiers aren't seeing it in their wages."

Yeah... did you READ the Tribune yesterday, Gregg? Or at least have one of your staff read it? Or at least be the slightest bit informed that wages are not the only, or even the most important measure, of the economic well being of a person or household.

If you had read the Tribune yesterday, you'd have noticed Jeff Rea's viewpoint article pointing out that the area particular, and state in general, has a much lower cost of living. So wages lag the nation because it costs less to live here.

How about educating yourself and your staff to learn that consumption and disposable income (both of which are up) are a much better measure of the economic health of a group?

But when he was asked if he supported raising the state's minimum wage — currently set at the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour — Gregg said that's more of an issue for the federal government than for state government.

Ever read the 10th amendment, Mr. Gregg?
I'm all for lowering or eliminating the min wage, John, but the state has all the authority it needs to set such a policy.
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