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Unemployment changes

Unemployment changes

Postby raycyrx » Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:57 am

"Nobody in my field is hiring, so what do I do? Do I go apply for a nursing job even though I'm not educated or equipped to do it?"

Yup... pretty much so. Ain't gov't "wisdom" great? ... 2/1013/Biz

Indiana's changing unemployment rule
Those filing now must submit at least one application per week.
By YaVONDA SMALLS Tribune Staff Writer
Robert Hooven is worried.

After hearing about a new change that took effect Wednesday in the unemployment insurance system, the unemployed RV worker from Elkhart is wondering just how it might affect him.

As part of this new change -- which is due to the passage of House Enrolled Act 1379, the Unemployment Trust Fund Bill -- claimants must now submit one job application per week.

For all vouchers filed after July 1, claimants must submit this one application weekly in addition to looking for work at two other places in order to remain eligible for benefits, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Previously, unemployment insurance recipients needed only to conduct three work searches per week.

Really, this new change in the unemployment system is not that big of a change in and of itself, said Marc Lotter, communications director with Indiana's Department of Workforce Development. After all, many people are already making a good faith effort to apply for jobs and find employment, he said. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people are already applying for one to three jobs per week, he said.A big reason for the switch, though, is to encourage more people to submit applications for open positions, he said.

"Our goal is to help anyone who has been displaced to help them get back in the work force as quickly as possible," he said.

Another reason for the switch, he said, is that it's hard for the Department of Workforce Development to verify when people have actually searched for work.

So it's now basically turning one of the previous three work search requirements into an apply-for-work requirement, he said. As has always been the case, applications must be submitted for positions that are readily available from companies that are currently hiring.

The big concern for Elkhart's Hooven, who was laid off in February from his job at steel fabrication company Lippert Components, is that finding open positions to apply for in the RV industry is like finding a needle in a haystack. And since he found out about the new unemployment system change Wednesday, it leaves little time for him to do so."I have two days to try to do something with this," said Hooven, who files on Sunday each week. "I'm in jeopardy of losing my benefits because nobody's hiring...I can't afford to lose a benefit; I've got two small kids.

"Nobody in my field is hiring, so what do I do? Do I go apply for a nursing job even though I'm not educated or equipped to do it?"

Lotter said he encourages people to visit their WorkOne centers and work with career counselors to look into other areas of study, acquire new skills and see what training grants may be available.

He also encourages people to use every opportunity they can to look for work. One helpful tool, he said, is www.indianacareer, where all claimants are required to register for work and post their resume anyway, he said.

"They should already be there," he said. "(Now) it's just a question of going through there and looking for jobs and applying for them."
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