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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby bdcbbq » Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:44 pm


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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby Happy Mom » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:35 pm

Does anyone know anything about this?

SBPD Chief: Loaded firearm found in road belongs to department

Reporter finds South Bend police gun

By Joel Porter | Posted: Mon 7:01 PM, Oct 09, 2017


Three weeks after a Newscenter 16 reporter found a South Bend police officer's gun in the middle of a busy street, police department leaders are keeping mum about how it happened.

A picture of the unloaded Smith and Wesson 9mm M&P found along SR-23 in Mishawaka on Sunday afternoon.

Both police chief Scott Ruszkowski and South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg refused to comment about the case, claiming they can't talk about an active investigation.

In three weeks, dozens of Newscenter 16 viewers have contacted the station, wanting a straight answer from police.

It doesn't appear the officer who had the gun was suspended. Under city law, any officer suspended four days or longer must appear before South Bend's Board of Public Safety.

South Bend Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski confirmed the loaded handgun, stamped with "SBPD" on the slide, belongs to the police department.

"We do not comment on pending or in-progress internal investigations, but I can confirm the firearm belongs to the SBPD,” Chief Ruszkowski wrote in an email to NewsCenter 16. “By all preliminary indications, there was nothing nefarious regarding this incident.”

The email was sent Monday to NewsCenter 16’s Joel Porter, who requested an interview and more information about the gun—a Smith and Wesson 9mm M&P issue. Porter spotted the gun on Sunday, September 17th, while driving on State Road 23 near Cleveland Road.

Porter reported that he turned his vehicle around, parked, then waited for a break in traffic and walked out to get a closer look. Another passing motorist stopped at the same time.

“We turned the corner headed to the mall and saw what looked like a pistol in the middle of the road,” said Tracy Hertel, who also saw the gun while driving on SR-23.

The intersection near University Park Mall is one of the busiest in the area.

“I was hoping it was a toy gun, but it was a real one,” Hertel said. “All I could think was some little kid could pick that up and we'd have a tragedy to talk about.”

Porter picked up the gun, and noticed it had “SBPD” stamped on the slide. He unloaded the weapon and called police. Porter spoke with a sergeant, who sent an officer to collect the gun as evidence.

“Thank you for turning the firearm over, it is/was the correct and proper thing to do,” Ruszkowski said via email.

NewsCenter 16 is working to find out to whom the gun was issued and how it ended up in the road.

Ruszkowski declined further comment and an on camera interview until the internal investigation is done. He said the department will review whether department policy or training, or a law was violated and take corrective action that could include a policy change or discipline.

“It'd be nice if they were frank and forthcoming, and that's up to them, too,” Hertel said. “You and I are held accountable where we work, aren't we?”

An officer who collected the gun Sunday said the firearm would be entered into evidence. NewsCenter 16 learned it is protocol to run the gun's serial number to see whom it was registered or issued to. Police have not yet released that officer's name because the internal investigation is ongoing.

It is also standard practice to fire found or abandoned property, and to test the gun for ballistics and compare it to any recent crimes around the city, police said.

If the gun was reported stolen, there will be a record with a case number investigators could look up.

Officers also told Newscenter 16 if the gun was lost or misplaced, it's a bigger problem if the officer in question didn't tell anyone about it because it opens an internal affairs investigation and becomes an issue with the officer's credibility. ... 98513.html
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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby Buck Wheat » Mon Oct 16, 2017 5:30 pm

Perhaps one of our SBPD members will reveal who the gun is issued to.

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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby Happy Mom » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:54 pm

Buck Wheat wrote:Perhaps one of our SBPD members will reveal who the gun is issued to.


Please? :think: :shifty: :pray:
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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby Happy Mom » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:55 pm

Jury finds South Bend police retaliated against former officer
CHRISTIAN SHECKLER South Bend Tribune Nov 2, 2017 Updated 27 min ago (0)

Left: Former South Bend Patrolwoman Joy Phillips. Right: Police Chief Scott Ruszkowski
photo provided
SOUTH BEND — A federal jury Thursday found the South Bend Police Department unlawfully retaliated against a former officer by targeting her for disciplinary action after she filed a sexual harassment complaint.

Concluding a four-day trial in U.S. District Court, the jury of five men and three women ordered the city to pay former officer Joy Phillips $35,000 in damages, plus lost wages and attorney fees to be determined later.

Phillips said the police department launched a series of internal investigations and disciplinary actions against her after October 2014, when she filed a sexual harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She said that complaint came after a male supervisor made a comment suggesting she could wear a mini skirt and high heels to a meeting.

"I'm happy for Joy because, with this verdict, she's been vindicated," said her trial attorney, Dan Pfeifer. "If there's a message, it's to employers: If an employee follows the law and files an EEOC complaint, let the legal system run its course. Don't retaliate, don't make life miserable."

Michael Hays, the lead attorney for the city, did not respond to reporters when asked for a statement on his way out of the courthouse.

Earlier, in closing arguments, Hays said any discipline against Phillips was meant only to hold her accountable for clear policy violations.

"You don't get a free pass on policy just because you made some unrelated complaints," Hays told the jury. "That would disrupt our culture of accountability. Joy Phillips wanted untouchability."

Evidence offered at trial showed Phillips, who joined the department in 1999, was disciplined five times in her first 15 years on the job. After 2014, she was investigated a dozen times and recommended for discipline in six cases.

She first filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and discrimination against the city and former police chief Ron Teachman in November 2015. She later named current Chief Scott Ruszkowski and added a claim of retaliation.

In March 2016, four months after Phillips filed her lawsuit, Ruszkowski filed charges against her for policy violations in five separate cases, recommending her for unpaid suspensions totaling more than 50 days. Ruszkowski also placed her on a form of administrative leave that allowed her to collect her base salary but banned her from police duties.

"They were out to get her," Pfeifer said in closing arguments. "They were going to drive her out of the police force."

The disciplinary cases were still unresolved in July 2016, when Phillips resigned to take a job with the Elkhart Police Department. She is now a detective there.

Aside from the $35,000 in damages for distress, pain and suffering, the city is likely to owe Phillips money for lost wages and legal fees. The lost wages stem from the several months in which she was stripped of police powers and unable to work overtime or security jobs.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Phillip Simon, who presided over the trial, said he would set a conference for later this month to determine the wages and legal fees owed by the city. He also noted the city has a right to appeal the verdict or ask for a new trial. ... nd_Tribune
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Re: SB(PD)Undercover Blog - Read It Often!

Postby Happy Mom » Wed May 02, 2018 9:17 pm

Please tell me our Police Chief hasn't betrayed us?

Some Police Officials Betray Their Constituents on Right-to-Carry Reciprocity
FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018 Some Police Officials Betray Their Constituents on Right-to-Carry Reciprocity
On April 19, the International Association of Chiefs of Police sent Congress a letter expressing their opposition to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 (H.R. 38/S. 446). This legislation would ensure that a person who is licensed to carry a concealed firearm in one state could do so in all other states. The letter was adopted by 473 officials from all over the country.

The list of supporters includes officials from states that either already recognize the permits of all other states or do not require a permit to exercise the Right-to-Carry. As out of state permit holders are already allowed to carry within these states, the officials’ actions only serve to curtail the rights of their residents.

In short, the following officials have abandoned their constituents in order to curry favor from out-of-state political interests:

Sheriff Samuel Cochran, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Mobile, AL

Chief of Police David E. Barbour, Dadeville Police Department, Dadeville, AL

Chief Edward C Randle, Brinkley Police Dept, Brinkley, AR

Chief Leo Dale Teague, Central City Police Dept., Central City, AR

SACOP Executive Director Gary Sipes, Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police, North Little Rock, AR

Chief of Police - Retired Danny E. Bradley, North Little Rock Police Department, North Little Rock, AR

Chief Steve Tosh, NWACC Police, Bentonville, AR

Chief of Police Jim Kuchenbecker, Bull Shoals Police Department, Bull Shoals, AR

Chief of Police James A Tucker Jr, De Witt Police Department, De Witt, AR

Chief of Police Paul Woodruff, Harrison Police Department, Harrison, AR

Chief of Police Jesse Martinez, Little Flock Police Department, Little Flock, AR

Captain Phillip Faulkner, Paragould Police Department, Paragould, AR

Chief of Police Sean Duggan, Chandler Police Department, Chandler, AZ

Chief of Police Frank Balkcom Sr, Page Police Department, Page, AZ

Chief of Police Larry D Scarber, Snowflake-Taylor Police Department, Snowflake, AZ

Chief of Police Chris Magnus, Tucson Police Department, Tucson, AZ

Retired Chief of Police/ President Ness & Associates James J. Ness, Ph.D., Ness & Associates, Mesa, AZ

Police Chief Jeri L Williams, Phoenix Police Department, Phoenix, AZ

Chief of Police David Porter, DeWitt Police Department, DeWitt, IA

Chief of Police Shane Kron, Coralville Police Department, Coralville, IA

Police Chief Daniel R Losada, Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville, IA

Chief of Police Shiloh B. Mork, Webster City Police Department, Webster City, IA

Chief of Police Michael Diekhoff, Bloomington, IN Police Department, Bloomington, IN

Chief of Police Rob Wiley, Kendallville Police Department, Kendallville, IN

Chief of Police James A. Kveton, St. John, IN Police Department, St. John, IN

Chief of Police Scott Ruszkowski, South Bend Police Department, South Bend, IN

Chief of Police Michael J. Inlow, Meade Police Department, Meade, KS

Chief of Police Dennis P. Butler, Ottawa Police Department, Ottawa, KS

Chief of Police (ret) Senior Police Advisor Bryan Carter, Covington(Ret) Engility(ICITAP), Covington, KY

Chief of Police Phillip Crowell, Jr., Auburn Police Department, Auburn, ME

Sheriff Joel A. Merry, Sagadahoc County, Bath, ME

Chief of Police Richard Stillman, Bridgton Police Department, Bridgton, ME

Chief of Police David B Randall, Calais Police Department, Calais, ME

Chief of Police Michael W. Gahagan, Caribou Police Department, Caribou, ME

Chief of Police James M. Toman, Gardiner Police Department, Gardiner, ME

Chief James Soucy, Kittery Police Department, Kittery, ME

Chief of Police Michael J. Sauschuck, Portland Police Department, Portland, ME

Sheriff Kevin J. Joyce, Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, Portland, ME

Chief of Police Bruce Boucher, Rockland Police Department, Rockland, ME

Chief of Police Richard H. LaHaye Jr., Searsport Police Department, Searsport, ME

Chief of Police Edward J. Googins, South Portland Police, South Portland, ME

Chief of Police Janine Roberts, Westbrook Police Department, Westbrook, ME

Former Ofc. Andrew Michaelson, Portland Police Department, Portland, ME

Sheriff Richard C. Fuller III, Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office, Kalamazoo, MI

Chief of Police Steven Harper, Wayland Police Department, Wayland, MI

Chief of Police David Starbuck, Grain Valley Police Department, Grain Valley, MO

Commissioner/Chief John W. Hayden, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, St. Louis, MO

Police Chief Timothy John Lowery, Florissant Mo. Police Department, Florissant, MO

Chief Paul F. Williams, Springfield Police Department, Springfield, MO

Police Chief Bernette Morris, Morhead City Police Department, Morehead City, NC

Chief of Police and Executive Director for Community Safety Christopher C. Blue, Chapel Hill Police Department, Chapel Hill, NC

Chief of Police Monroe Wagoner, Elkin Police Department, Elkin, NC

Chief of Police Gina Hawkins, Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville, NC

Chief of Police Jeff Prichard, Graham Police, Graham, NC

Chief Wallace W. Layne, Holden Beach Police, Holden Beach, NC

Chief of Police Timothy R. Summers, Kernersville Police Department, Kernersville, NC

Chief of Police Joel Johnson, Kitty Hawk Police Department, Kitty Hawk, NC

Chief of Police Allen Lawrence, Marion Police Department, Marion, NC

Chief of Police Tim Ledford, Mint Hill Police Department, Mint Hill, NC

Chief of Police James Wilson, Norwood Police Department, Norwood, NC

Chief of Police Ryan James Thompson, Pine Knoll Shores Police Department, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Chief of Police Robert Hassell, Reidsville Police Department, Reidsville, NC

Chief of Police Kenneth J. Klamar, Sunset Beach Police, Sunset Beach, NC

Chief Daniel Wilcox, Cape Fear Community College PD, Wilmington, NC

Chief of Police Timothy J. Wenzel, Aberdeen Police Department, Aberdeen, NC

Chief of Police John Letteney, Apex Police Department, Apex, NC

Chief of Police Paul D. Burdette Jr., Beaufort Police Department, Beaufort, NC

Chief of Police John Phillip Harris, Jr., City of Brevard Police Department, Brevard, NC

Chief of Police Walter Horton, Carrboro Police Department, Carrboro, NC

Chief of Police James A. Reese, Emerald Isle Police Department, Emerald Isle, NC

Chief of Police Laura Fahnestock, Fuquay-Varina Police Department, Fuquay-Varina, NC

Chief of Police Ronald L Matthews, Garland Police Department, Garland, NC

Chief of Police Brandon Zuidema, Garner PD, Garner, NC

Chief of Police Michael Andrew Winters, Long View Police Department, Long View, NC

Chief of Police Erik S. McGinnis, Misenheimer Police Dept., Misenheimer, NC

Chief of Police David Ng, WakeMed Campus Police and Public Safety, Raleigh, NC

Police Chief C.T. Hasty Jr, Roanoke Rapids Police Department, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety Patricia D. Norris, Winston-Salem State University Police, Winston-Salem, NC

Chief of Police John J. Ruppe, Woodland Police Department, Woodland, NC

Chief of Police Jeff Harvet, Atlantic Beach police, Atlantic Beach, NC

Chief of Police Farron Gray Jester, Boonville Police Department, Boonville, NC

Chief of Police David L. Kurz, Durham Police Department, Durham, NH

Executive Officer/ Captain Kerry P. Steckowych, Esquire, Goffstown Police Department, Goffstown, NH

Chief of Police Andrew Shagoury, Tuftonboro Police Department, Center Tuftonboro, NH

Chief of Police William Oswalt, Jaffrey Police Department, Jaffrey, NH

President Chief Andrew Shagoury, New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, Tuftonboro, NH

Sergeant Shannon L. Cotton, Franklin Police Dept, Franklin, OH

Chief of Police Neil R. Ferdelman, Greenhills OH Police Department, Greenhills, OH

Chief Joseph Kucirek, Amherst Police Department, Amherst, OH

Sergeant Jacob P Perez, Amherst PD, Amherst, OH

Patrolman / SRO Eric Layfield, Amherst Police Department, Amherst, OH

Detective Zac Horning, Amherst Police Department, Amherst, OH

Patrolman / SRO Eric Layfield, Amherst Police Department, Amherst, OH

Sergeant Randolph C. Daley, Cleveland Police Dept., Cleveland, OH

Chief Of Police Retired Bobbie Hillard, Village Of Minerva Park, Columbus, OH

Police Deputy Chief Gary Dunlap, Columbus Police Department, Columbus, OH

Chief of Police Jack Davis, Cuyahoga Falls Police, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police John H. Huber, Sinclair Community College Police Department, Dayton, OH

Director & Chief of Police Richard S. Biehl, Dayton Police Department, Dayton, OH

Chief of Police Jeffrey Harrison, Elmore Police Department, Elmore, OH

Chief of Police Paul R. Whitaker, Gibsonburg Police Department, Gibsonburg, OH

Chief of Police James E. Gulker, Village of Kalida Police Department, Kalida, OH

Chief of Police Kevin J. Martin, Lima Police Department, Lima, OH

Assistant Police Chief Greg Vonden Benken, Montgomery Police Dept, Montgomery, OH

Chief of Police Timothy N. Livengood, Pioneer Police Department, Pioneer, OH

Chief Michael Salloum, Seven Hills Police Department, Seven Hills, OH

Chief of Police Cameron Dailey, Utica Police Department, Utica, OH

Chief of Police Keith C. Torbet, CLEE, Wauseon Police Department, Wauseon, OH

Detective Brian Anders, Cuyahoga Falls Police Department, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Lieutenant Patricia Wain, Streetsboro Police Department, Streetsboro, OH

Detective Sergeant Michael L. Murphy Jr, Amherst Police Department, Amherst, OH

Commissioner of Police Randy Wesley, Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police, Ada, OK

Chief of Police Earl Palmer Shirley, Bixby Police Department, Bixby, OK

Chief of Police Marc Coulon, Ashland City PD, Ashland City, TN

Chief of Police David Roddy, Chattanooga Police Department, Chattanooga, TN

Chief of Police Samuel R. Livingston, Hohenwald Police Department, Hohenwald, TN

Chief of Police David B. Rausch, Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville, TN

Chief of Police Joseph Michael "Mike" Walker, La Vergne Police Department, La Vergne, TN

Chief Of Police/Assistant Vice President William David Griswold, Nashville International Airport Police, Nashville, TN

Chief of Police Don Myers, Sevierville Police Department, Sevierville, TN

Chief of Police Perry Barfield, Union City Police Department, Union City, TN

Chief of Police Chris Russell, Alexandria Police Department, Alexandria, TN

Chief of Police Felix Vess, Chattanooga Housing Authority Police Department, Chattanooga, TN

Lieutenant Brent A. Hatcher, LaVergne Police Department, LaVergne, TN

Deputy Chief Kenneth Ray, Ashland City P D, Ashland City, TN

Chief Mark Gibson, Cleveland Police Department, Cleveland, TN

Chief of Police Rick Scarbrough, Clinton Police Dept, Clinton, TN

Chief of Police Chris L.Sneed, Dayton Police Dept., Dayton, TN

Police Psychologist Terrell McDaniel, Institute for Forensic Psychology - Tennessee Office, Hendersonville, TN

Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers, Huntingdon Police Department, Huntingdon, TN

Chief of Police Terrell Coyce Beecham, Lawrenceburg Police, Lawrenceburg, TN

Director of Police Services/Public Safety L. Angela Webb, Southwest TN, Community College Police Department, Memphis, TN

Colonel Tracy G. Trott, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Nashville, TN

Chief Kenneth Morgan, Oliver Springs Police Department, Oliver Springs, TN

Chief of Police Charles Elizondo, Paris Police Department, Paris, TN

Chief of Police John David Webb, Somerville Police Department, Somerville, TN

Chief George Smith, Camden Police Dept., Camden, TN

Chief of Police Don Teal, Martin Police Dept., Martin, TN

Chief of Police Trent Anderson, Helper City Police Department, Helper, UT

Chief Kevin Drolc, Price City Police, Price, UT

Chief Steve Adams, Spanish Fork, Spanish Fork, UT

Chief of Police Tom Ross, Bountiful Police Department, Bountiful City, UT

Chief Daniel D. Benson, Brian Head Marshal's Office, Brian Head, UT

Chief of Police Darin Adams, Cedar City Police Department, Cedar City, UT

Police Chief Greg Krusi, Clearfield Police Department, Clearfield City, UT

Chief of Police Wade K. Carpenter, Park City Police, Park City, UT

Chief Richard Ferguson, Provo Police, Provo, UT

Police Chief Scott Brenkman, Riverdale Police Department, Riverdale, UT

Chief Dylan Rooks, Vernal Police Department, Vernal, UT

Chief Jim Keith, Washington City PD, Washington, UT

Chief of Police Jean Loveland, Willard City Police Department, Willard, UT

Chief of Police Paul Child, Centerville Police, Centerville, UT

Chief of Police Kevin Thacker, Kevin Thacker, Sandy, UT

Chief of Police Todd Hixson, West Bountiful Police Department, West Bountiful, UT

Chief Of Police Anthony Q Ellington Sr, Farmville Police Department, Farmville, VA

Chief of Police Gary Benedict, Jr., Town of Middletown Police Dept., Middletown, VA

Chief Kenneth A. Miller, Petersburg Bureau of Police, Petersburg, VA

Chief of Police Todd Foreman, Bedford Police Department, Bedford, VA

Chief Robert D. Plott, Colonial Beach Police Department, Colonial Beach, VA

Sheriff Stacey Ann Kincaid, Fairfax County Sheriff's Office, Fairfax, VA

Chief of Police Mary Gavin, Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

Police Chief Michael Grinstead, Newport News Police Department, Newport News, VA

Chief of Police Kenneth A. Miller, Petersburg Bureau of Police, Petersburg, VA

Chief of Police Alfred Durham, Richmond Police Department, Richmond, VA

Lieutenant Roger D. Knott, Harrisonburg City Police, Harrisonburg, VA

Chief Gregory C. Brown, Leesburg Police Department (VA), Leesburg, VA

Chief of Police Brandon del Pozo, Burlington Police Department, Burlington, VT

Chief /Director Lianne M. Tuomey, University of Vermont Police, Burlington, VT ... eciprocity
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